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Hi, I’m Quinn!

Certified Holistic Doula for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Since my youth I’ve always found myself drawn to the deep connection between mothers and babies. Growing up in a large family, with many sisters and aunties, I have a deep respect and reverence for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I’ve been blessed to experience the power and support of sisterhood throughout my life. Today, I strive to uplift women in this modern age who find themselves disconnected from authentic community and seeking support on their birth journey.

As a native Montanan, I grew up climbing mountains and spending time in nature. My love of the outdoors led to my study of Ecology and Organismal Biology during my time at the University of Montana, and then a later interest in human health and processes of the natural world. This lead me down a path of personal study of herbalism and holistic healing modalities.

In 2019 I earned my EMT license and found my calling serving others in my local community. At this time I recognized the missing link between caring for one’s physical and emotional body and yearned for something more.

The path of birth work found me after witnessing the birth of my first niece, and I have been honored to assist in this sacred journey ever since. My dream is to aid mothers in their physical journey of pregnancy and birth while also cultivating soul nourishing relationships among families.

Outside of birth you’ll find me hiking around Missoula, baking, or spending time with family.

my Philosophy

I believe birth is a rite of passage.

I strive to uplift you throughout all the stages of your birth. This is a balance of assisting you as challenges arise, as well as standing with you as your innate wisdom and power unfold throughout your birth journey.

My role is to observe, share knowledge to help you make informed decisions, and amplify your choices. I believe in informed consent and will work with your family every step of the way to ensure you’re understood and your needs are met. My core values are trust and transparency, and those values are deeply rooted in my work as a doula.

As your holistic doula we will take your preparation work beyond birth plans. For me, birth is just as much a spiritual and emotional event as it is physical. I assist in meditation, understanding emotional wounds, questioning ideologies and protecting your transformation into motherhood. I want every mother to leave my care nourished, body and soul.

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